Thursday, June 26, 2008

    A Toilet Thursday

    The AFL-CIO mafia formally endorsed Liberal Senator Barack Obama today. Absolutely no surprise there since the Liberal Senator has had long time ties with the mob and is the new blood puppet the unions have longed for - right in the White House to force all businesses to become unionized. If businesses are in America that haven't yet been infected then no government contracts for you.

    Puppet Liberal Obama has also promised the unions he would work to stop investigations into union activities by the U.S. Department of Labor - responsible for hundreds of arrests and convictions of corrupt union officials. Think you can see why unions need a Liberal puppet like Senator Barack.

    Stocks continue to tank to an all time 2008 low. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how fucked our country's economy has been since Liberals took control of Congress a little over 1.5 years ago? Their answer to all the troubles they have caused? More government regulations, more handouts, more restrictions, more taxes, blaa, blaa, blaa - same old Liberal shit but this is what you, the ignorant voters, have wanted, now you've got it! Economy - Liberal style.

    Americans have been granted their right (that they always had) to protect themselves from criminals that Liberal courts have allowed back on the streets. Liberal politicians are up in arms (pun?) with their usual anti-gun lies. We already have laws that make it illegal for criminals to have guns but Liberal judges just throw this scum back on the street.

    Liberal judges protect illegal alien violent gang members, etc. Face it - Liberals want the good citizens disarmed and the criminal element to go rampant throughout America. Heck - Liberals have already gone on record they want to give felons the right to vote - for them, of course.

    What's scary is the Liberal Supreme Court Jesters don't want "free" citizens to have the right to protect themselves and have used their Liberal agenda to morph the Constitution into something other than it is.

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