Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Bush Off The Liberal Hit List

    Looks like the liberal's hate for President Bush has been replaced with their hate of Gov. Sarah Palin. From the volume bullshit spewing from pro-Obama hate blogs to the myriad of media shoving distrotions and lies in the face of Americans - the pro-Obama, pro-union, pro-socialism machine is hard at work.

    Amazing how Gov. Palin went from "unknown", "amature", "inexperienced" to "dangerous", "a threat", and various other titles. You know how those liberals love their labels!

    I can understand why they hate her:
    • She has managed and led a city - neither Obama nor Biden have
    • She has and is managing a state - neither Obama nor Biden have
    • She has crossed party lines to go after corruption - neither Obama nor Biden have
    • She believes parents should have the freedom of choice how to educate their children - Obama and Biden want parents to have only 1 choice - the failed government, union-controlled, public school machine
    • She gave birth to her children instead of aborting them as Obama or Biden would have supported killing any number of her children
    • She loves America and doesn't see America as the problem - both Obama and Biden see America as THE problem and at fault for most everything
    • She has no problem toting a gun - both Obama and Biden believe only criminals should have guns
    • She is optimistic about freeing Americans from big government - both Obama and Biden are pessimistic and wish to oppress Americans with even bigger government
    • Her smile and zest for life is real - both Obama and Biden have distain for life, especially life in America unless it is under government control
    • She has record accomplishments in her relatively short career in the public sector - neither Obama or Biden have anything to show for their combined decades of getting a government paycheck
    Yeah - it's easy to see why the Liberals absolutely hate this America loving, small-town, gun-owning woman, wife, and mother - so just sit back and watch their hate sizzle like shit in hot oil.

    I can also see why Obama and Biden are scared shitless about the thought of answering questions in a townhall meeting with Senator McCain and Governor Palin. They couldn't handle uncensored and unfiltered questions, yet these are the cowards that want to rule the world.

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