Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Do The Math

    The current 'bailout' cost is now $835 BILLION - thanks to big spending politicians padding the corporate handout with their pet pork. If you believe the fear mongers the world will end if this horrible bill doesn't pass, yet the likelihood of individuals having any 'relief' is practically nil.

    I checked the IRS site and in 2007 there were 139.3 million tax returns from individuals. Divide this into the new 'bailout' cost and you get $5,994.26 for each tax payer. Don't sit around waiting for DC lawyers and politicians to help you - they have their special interest groups that take priority.

    With almost 6 thousand dollars in the hands of 139,300,000 people I can think of no better stimulus. I have more faith in the American people than I do the lawyers, bank executives, and politicians. You need to call, email, fax, communicate with your local representative in Congress and tell them to vote against this false hope their about to pass.

    BTW - did you know the 'new' bill includes more than $470 MILLION in tax breaks for rich Hollywood producers? Coincidentally (?), a surge of TV ads are now flowing from the liberal Hollywood celebrities to vote for Obama's agenda.

    HEY - It's taxpayer's money anyway!

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