Monday, October 20, 2008

    Don't Be Afraid To Question - TAXES!

    If only people would think beyond the political rhetoric (lies) of the Barack Obama camp - your hard earned money depends on it!

    Consider taxes - the ritual of government taking your money from you to spend however they (the party in control) want.

    Question: If Barack Obama claims over 90% of Americans won't see their tax rape increase, then why do he and his endorsers continue to bombard the American public with hypnotic suggestions that paying taxes is good? Take three high profile quotes:

    *Colin Powell - speaking to reporters after Meet The Press: "...taxes are necessary for the common good"

    Senator Biden: "Paying taxes is patriotic"

    Junior Senator Obama: "...spread the wealth around it is good for everyone"

    Why would these people say this if Obama has promised over 90% of American's won't see tax increases? Because it's all a lie. While giving $2 back Barack Obama will take $5 - and the effect will be worse than that.

    Currently the Federal government pays money back to states for all sorts of various projects. Under an Obama administration and a Democrat controlled Congress this will change drastically because Obama et al will need to pay for all their new and growing social programs.

    States will then be forced to increase taxes dramatically - sales tax, property tax, tax anything and everything, increase and/or charge for services never before taxed - hard working Americans will get hit HARD.

    And through it all, as you have less and less of your own money and you work longer and longer for the growing government - you can think of Powell, Biden, and Obama's words - common good, spread the wealth, patriotic...

    *Note: I don't use the title of General with Mr. Powell since he's retired from the military and out of touch for over 15 years.

    The consequences of an Obama Presidency + Democrat Congress:

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