Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Liberals Being Liberals

    I believe Barack Obama is telling the truth when he says he had no part in discussing with IL Gov. Blagojevich his Senate seat replacement.

    To Obama, Gov. Blagojevich is too low on the Liberal ladder, and since Barack Obama is at the top - he knows who to interface with to get things done. In Illinois, it's the SEIU union bosses - they control Chicago and most of Illinois, along with construction unions and various minor unions.

    SEIU owns Barack Obama - he is their patsy, their puppet, their boy to do and say and vote how they tell him to. If Barack Obama is unable to get pro-union legislation approved through Congress then the SEIU will order Obama to simply issue an Executive Order - after all, the SEIU pumped over $13.5 MILLION into Obama's campaign alone.

    Oh yeah - Barack Obama is their bitch - big time.

    For example, Obama's 1st choice for his replacement was Valerie Jarrett - an attorney (Obama is surrounding himself with attorneys) well aquinted with the Chicago-style Liberal Mob and union bosses. A perfect fit to work for the union / Obama causes.

    Keeping the big 3 auto companies alive in their current state is very important to Liberals, and Barack Obama specifically:
    1. If an auto company files for bankrupcy then union contracts can be voided - and the union puppets in Congress are not going to let that happen, nor will the grand puppet of them all - Barack Obama
    2. BO has no plan to endorse anything but gas vehicles or at the very most, a limited number of hybrids that will be available very slowly
    3. BO will give the impression there is no oil problem and will try and trick America that we don't need to rely on Arab oil supplies - because he already has been working with Hugo Chavez along with various aids of his (Obama's) - Hugo is a fellow socialist and admired by Obama
    4. Many liberals have a financial stake in investments that represent many of the suppliers for the auto industry, so they are out to protect their personal investments

    Americans need to document and remember each Congress person that votes for the auto bailout - the UAW bailout. These are the Liberals (mostly Democrats) that continue to want to further control industry and maintain the health of unions - using the hard-earned $$$ of future American workers. Future because they are spending money they haven't collected yet.

    Over the last decade the UAW has spent MORE than $10 MILLION to elect Democrats into office so their puppets would force union objectives on the Americans in the respective state or even the nation as a whole.

    It's time for all those millions to payoff - with Liberal Democrats pushing for part 1 of an unknown number of payouts - in the order of BILLIONS of $ - to the UAW in the form of auto company bailouts.

    Car Czar - the growing fascist movement to nationalize the auto industry, how it should be restructured, what the objectives should be, how the nationalist labor unions will play a big part of this control, and - eventually - what will be required of consumers.

    Expect Liberals to charge a tax on consumers that purchase their vehicles from sources other than the companies under control of the government and their Car Czar.

    Why does the media protect Liberal scum like Blagojevich? For example, here's the quote from the media:
    Obama could use his influence to name the governor to a lucrative spot with a private foundation. Blagojevich told Adviser A: "I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing. I’m not gonna do it.
    Here's the honest quote from the mouth of PRO-OBAMA Gov. Blagojevich:
    Obama could use his influence to name the governor to a lucrative spot with a private foundation. Blagojevich told Adviser A: "I’ve got this thing and it’s fucking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fucking nothing. I’m not gonna do it.


    Mberenis said...

    Most people are surprised to hear the bailout's are affecting insurance rates. Insurance is changing as we know it due to the economy and bailouts. Since then the rates have drastically changed. All leading companies have changed lots of policies. When was the last time you researched insurance rates? You'd be surprised what recently changed!!!


    JustaDog said...

    I've found AAA to have the best.

    To save $$$ people need to go directly to the source as much as possible and eliminate the middle-man.