Saturday, November 20, 2004

    Consumer Power

    Remember the days when you had a limited choice when you played your consumer role? There were not so many stores you could go to if you wanted to shop around - of course this depended whether you were a city or rural entity. The Sears and Wards and JC Penny giants of the time ruled. Some have survived others have not. I do miss those Christmas catalogs don't you?

    I love having the internet to shop around. For my consulting business most of my purchases are either investigated over the net or (usually) purchased in the same manner. I do find that I still go to stores - especially bookstores - and peruse the selections, usually to see if there is something pertaining to whatever my current assignment is. If I do find a book or two I'll go to the information desk and politely asked if I can use a pen and one of their displayed business cards. I'll then jot on the back of the card the book title and usually an author name. Of course I return the pen and with a smile thank them. This card gets revisited when I get back to my computer and access Amazon or BN online - whoever has the better deal - a combined algorithm of base price + shipping cost (if any).

    Some would argue I'm wrong not to support the local business, others I'm just finding the better deal. I simply feel empowered over the merchants!

    1 comment: said...

    Well, if you need the store for your browsing, then you have an interest in its continued existence, no?

    Perhaps one day bookstores will complete the evolution into community browsing centers, supported by donations. Hope not.

    Peace, Jarrett, who goes to (never amazon) only if the book isn't on the shelf and Joe's Books.