Friday, November 19, 2004

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No.1)

    Friday will be retirement time for selected individuals, irregardless of profession or location. Without favoritism in the order they are presented, today I would suggest the following three enjoy their final time pool-side:

    Dan Rather, CBS Anchor
    - You have knowingly made way too many unprofessional choices in the stories you present to the world. Your repeated personal agenda of hate and intentional distortion and using a once trusted media giant to spew your trash makes me and many others put you in the class of mentally demented and no longer credible. People want to see older anchors to be father or grandfather types - ones that are trusting. Every time you appear I have to feel sorry for you. Instead of retiring wiser you have become a bitter old man.

    Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General - Oh Kofi you bad boy. If only you practiced the goals of the UN. As this is being typed I see that the UN staff has given you a "No Confidence Vote", so I'm justified in my choice for you to take an early retirement before your term expiration in 2006. Take your anti-American money-skimming family all poolside please and let someone that can be trusted take your place.

    Ted Kennedy, USA Senator - Representatives in high governmental positions have responsibilities that override their free speech rights. You were chosen to help protect the United States but your (globally seen) continued blubber-cheek ranting of hate and outrageous and slanderous attacks against other Americans tells me you no longer are able to represent the position, duties, and responsibilities you were elected for. You put personal agendas and party politics as a priority over those of the USA. Personal hint: please don't retire pool-side unless you keep your clothes on.

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