Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    Free medical?

    An article today in the Statesman Journal detailed the 10 cent (per pack) cigarette tax that was inadvertently terminated when us taxpayers rejected that $800 million tax increase that was supposedly needed else the state (Oregon) would collapse. Although I will always vote against all tax increases until this state gets some representatives that know how to balance a checkbook, I am for taxing certain products - especially when it comes to health related issues.

    There is a growing concern about health insurance and medical costs. I believe this state could have a self-funded medical system at no cost to taxpayers if we put a levy on products that have a direct negative effect on health - tobacco products being a big one. I'd also put a levy on food items whether bought at a store or restaurant. Items such as donuts, hotdogs and hamburgers (composed of the dead animal flesh types), cheese, ice cream, biscuits and gravy, whole milk, etc. You get the point. Yeah, people are free to eat what they want but the rest of us end up having to pay for their poor eating choices - choices that directly affect their health and our pocketbook.

    Such a program would be limited to those legal in this country and residents of Oregon. Actually, this program would work on the national level but would have to exclude all illegal aliens - no exceptions.

    Statesman Journal Article

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    Fenton the Beaver said...

    I've never really understood the idea of tying parts of the state budget to taxes on behaviors we are pro actively trying to diminish.

    When you tax cigarettes to pay for health care, and then teach people not to use cigarettes you're working against yourself. That arrangement can never work, because it requires one of the desired positive outcomes (a generally non smoking public or money for health care) to fail.

    The same would go for burgers, donuts etc etc.