Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Get Over It!

    I usually don't read the opinion section of our local ultra-liberal left wing rag because I already know what will be there: more Kerry crying and whining and bash America crap. Let me just say I was hoping that Senator Lieberman would have ran. I would have voted for him with no hesitation. He has an honorable track record and a proven solid patriot as a Senator.

    In a whining article I read in the rag this morning the writer can't figure out why there were not more votes for Kerry in our county totals. Like a true whiner he points the blame at someone else - the White House. He says "… I am bitterly disappointed and uncomfortably suspicious about the outcome. It would not surprise me to learn that the Bush presidency is riven with corruption and criminality on a scale undreamed of by the Nixon White House." (This rag is our main paper - sad, huh? Thank goodness we have blogs!)

    To the whiners and to Senator Kerry: Stop with the lies and your BS. Stop pointing fingers to blame others for your loss. Kerry lost because people didn't want him. It wasn't some "Christian Right Wing" BS that put Bush in, it was lots of Democrats as well. I have talked to hardcore Democrats that told me they didn't trust Kerry and (reluctantly) were going to vote for Bush, and obviously they did. Obviously there were many Democrats and Independents that, in the privacy of their voting place, made the choice they really wanted. The reasons for your loss really are simple - and they all are with the candidate you have chosen. Now just get over it!

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