Wednesday, December 01, 2004

    Adios Ridge!

    Not surprising Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will be leaving as soon as a successor is found to head his department, one of the government's largest and most complicated operations (WSJ, Dec. 4, Page A4). You either had to hate him or not, but let's just remember a few things.

    Here was a guy that said "Yes" when the President asked him to take charge of a task that had never been done before. There was no job description or policies set into place that would guide his actions and decisions. He had this seemingly impossible balancing task to protect this country on side yet not infringe the rights of the citizens. The very fact that 9/11 was the last terrorism event in this country is a huge statement to the success of this department, and of the leadership of Tom Ridge. This department will never be perfect and changes will always take place.

    There was much criticism from many, especially from the (anti-American) ACLU. Even I questioned some of the methodologies of Mr. Ridge. Of all the fear mongers and whiners I never did hear their alternatives to Mr. Ridge's policies - alternatives that would protect the country as a whole. It must have been a very lonely, thankless job he had.

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