Friday, November 26, 2004

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No. 2)

    On the previous (No. 1) retirement time CBS Anchor Dan Rather was the very first retirement entity listed. I'm so happy that you read my post Dan and decided to leave - at least as the formal anchor. And now I would like to advise the following to take a retirement dip in some shark-infested waters:

    Jacques Chirac, French President - Jac baby, it's time to move on. You really need to give the French a chance to become respectable and honorable once again. You have led them down a path for decades that makes your country as a whole look like a bunch of money-hungry cowards that trade the safety and security of the world for a handful of Euros. It's well known how you've catered to terrorists and I'm looking forward so much to see the involvement of your honorable country in the oil-for-food scandal. It's time to move on, and time for France to think about term limits to keep shams like you from ever happening again.

    Andy Rooney, CBS 60 Minutes - Oh Andy, why have you turned into such a mean and America-hating old man? I've listened to you bash this great nation many times, but this past Sunday, when you said "We make the worst bread in the world in America" when talking about making turkey stuffing, I had to add you to my list. And previously on the Mars rover missions you said that NASA has given us some nice pictures but not much else (trying to say we spend too much at NASA). You seemed to overlook telling your audience about the vast discoveries, the vast multi-tiered businesses that have resulted directly and indirectly from NASA research, the thousands employed - directly and indirectly. When you do your last show give us all a surprise and stand up and move away from that desk you hide your old mean ass!

    Michael Moore, Director-wanna-be - your really should retire before you further embarrass yourself. You prey off the weak and fearful in America (leaves me out - I wasn't suckered into seeing any of your amateur efforts) with your half-truth lies, wanting more and more money from those you pretend to be an advocate for. You are just waiting for the next emotionally divisive event to come along so you can try and make another few bucks off the emotions of a few. Give it up and retire your ugly fat ass. Consider perhaps France or Spain? I'm sure you'd have many suckers - uh, I mean fans - there. Americans as a whole are on to you. Take the shark path while you're at it, they love dead meat.

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