Monday, December 13, 2004

    Big Blunder

    Perhaps the biggest blunder in the Iraq war is the fact that Saddam Hussein is still alive. This has to be a constant fear-factor for the residents in Iraq - a dictator that has killed hundreds of thousands is still in their country. The very fact that he continues to live gives hope to those that dream for him to return to power.

    I would have let the people of Iraq judge him right after he was found - and do so in their own streets. They were the ones grossly mistreated, it was their relatives and friends that experienced his WMD's during the gassing as well as the inhumane treatment (can you say murder?) of anyone that even looked like they opposed him. (Where was the U.N. or the "peace protesters" when all his killing was taking place?)

    Now this evil entity is on a hunger strike. I think staving to death is too good for him. Place him in a confined area and let the citizens take care of him once and for all. And after he is on the ground give the mothers of Iraq an opportunity to shoot into his dying carcass.

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