Sunday, December 12, 2004

    True companions

    I think if everyone cared for a pet the world would be a better place. The important word is "cared". How can people really care for other people if they abuse the innocent and helpless little animals in the world? I would have no problem with anyone torturing an animal from being killed on the spot! Studies have long proved that caring for a pet increases your life span!

    We have a black German Shepherd (pic above) that is way smart. I have a preference for German Shepherds because they are so smart and caring, but would not recommend them if you are not willing to make the effort to train and care for them. Also you should have a large yard and plan to take them on frequent walks and playtime.

    I'm totally against selling dogs or any large pet at pet stores. There are many German Shepherd rescue options - one somewhat next to Oregon is German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California. Just do a Google and you'll find plenty. There is even a specialty site for White German Shepherds!

    This is not to say that other dogs are inferior - no way! Cats, dogs, horses, etc. - they can all be loved and be great companions when cared for. Let's take care of these little creatures - they need us. And please - have your pet fixed!

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