Wednesday, December 08, 2004

    Caring Best

    There is a growing move in this country that advocates caring more for those that wish to inflict harm upon our society. For example, how many adults and children remain hungry while violent criminals in our prisons are given their daily meals without interruption? How many innocent and law-abiding citizens go to sleep in a cold car or even wrapped up in cardboard while those same violent prisoners have a climate-controlled environment with some sort of mattress and blanket if they need one? How many innocent look for jobs yet some prisons have their own industries! Someone flipped the concept that a prison was suppose to be something to avoid - now it's a resort compared to what others in this country have. Free medical (a murderer can get that liver transplant for free that should have gone to that hardworking father of four and will die without it), free internet access, on and on - a total perversion of what should befall the violent of our society.

    Then there are those residing at Guantanamo Bay and prisons in Iraq that would love for every American to die. Those that give comfort to our own violent criminals are quick to bring those comforts and protections to these murderers and wannabe murderers as well. Instead of caring what these evil entities might to do the innocent they hypocritically put care for the evil and violent over care for the innocent and needy.

    Perhaps our country will someday have a priority of caring best for the upright citizens. Maybe a change in our prison system will make it very visible that prison is a place to avoid. If they ever brought back hanging or the electric chair perhaps it should be performed in public view - then the death penalty might actually be a deterrent. We sure give the execution of innocent that have been kidnapped in Iraq plenty of exposure - and the cycle against the upright continues.


    kara said...

    And they have Scott Peterson on suicide precaution watch - so he can't kill himself....

    Anonymous said...

    I totally agree with you. A local hospital uses prison labor to do its laundry instead of hiring the locals that need jobs. Some argue that this is money that helps the prison system. I say that prisoners should pay for their keep monthly - even by liquidating any assets they might have on the "outside".