Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Political Civil Liberties

    Last Friday I received a membership letter from the ACLU. Now here is an organization that has helped to:
    • Remove Christmas displays from local government, claiming it promotes religion
    • Defend all pornography, including CHILD PORN, as "free speech" (ACLU Policy 4)
    • The opposition of rating of music and movies (Policy 18)Keep military bases from promoting Boy Scout meetings
    • The general crushing of all foundational ideologies that this country was built on
    • Believes that if an illegal alien happens to make it to US soil then they have full rights just like a citizen or legal alien
    • Tries to force Boy Scouts to admit gay members (they have some thing against the scouts?)
    • Trying to force same-sex marriage on the majority (it's not about love, it's about crushing another foundation)
    Think I'll feed their application to my shredder. No, better yet, stuff their prepaid return envelope with junk paper and send it back to them - they pay the postage! Ever notice that those organizations that target the United States as their enemy take on deceptive names that include terms like American, civil liberties, defense fund, brethren, unionists, National Association, National Council, United, etc. Obviously, this is not to say that an organization that has those terms or others are bad, but I just notice the ones trying to shake this country often use deceptive titles and phrases.

    I believe this is a country of the majority and if the majority wants something the ACLU does not, then screw 'em! Think the ACLU would represent me against them taking away my constitutional rights?

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