Thursday, December 30, 2004

    Free WiFi

    Free WiFi. My annual subscription to T-Mobile wireless internet access has expired. I used them at some bookstores, Starbucks, and sometimes at an airport. Since my main air carrier is Alaska Airlines I now get free WiFi where they have a lounge. I found a nice coffee place in Eugene - Early Rise Coffee & Tea - that offers free WiFi. Needless to say I did NOT renew with T-Mobile - like why?

    I'll go to Early Rise whenever and have myself a quad soy latte and spend a few hours on the net - maybe posting here. When I travel I stay at hotels that only offer free WiFi - a must. Being connected is important don't you think?

    Poor Microsoft faces another blow. EBay has dropped support for MS Passport. MS Passport was supposed to be the grand gatekeeper of everyone's identities. Let me get this straight - the company that has the most security problems with hackers wanted to store everyone's personal info? Duh.

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    spydrz said...

    Panera Bread also has free WiFi access...