Friday, December 03, 2004

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No. 3)

    David Bury, Federal Judge - has usurped his authority and position for the sole purpose of forcing his personal political/social agenda on the majority. This judge thinks that illegal aliens are eligible for benefits under Federal law. Well Davie, how about all of them stay at your house and you feed them, pay for their education, and pay their healthcare while you re-read what the difference is between "legal" and "illegal" - Duh!

    Jakob Kellenberger, ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent) President - you really need to retire Jako. Instead of focusing on humanitarian needs you infect your personal politics into an otherwise worthy cause. Your outrageous claims of the USA holding terrorists amounts to "mental torture" plainly reveals your motivations. Your actions promote anti-democracy and reinforce anti-American sentiment. What really is so dumb is your people interview prisoners and detainees, then you form conclusions from those interviews. How stupid can you be? Do you really think they will all say "…we're doing great in prison"? Duh!

    Jeremy Hinzman, Private, 82nd Airborne Division - you are simply a coward. You joined the armed forces for what? Guess you thought you'd just get some easy money ey? Then, when it looked like you might have to actually defend this country, you take off to Canada - where you also have citizenship. Now everyone knows you are a coward. If you had objections against defending and servicing the USA why ever did you enlist? Retire permanently in Canada please. But will Canada even want a coward… hummm.

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