Thursday, December 02, 2004

    (NOT) Sorry Billy Gates

    Yesterday there was an article in eWeek about an emergency Microsoft Internet Explorer patch to fix a big security hole (yeah, another).

    America Online Inc.'s efforts to kick-start renewed interest in its Netscape browser got off to a rocky start with researchers warning of a "highly critical" flaw that could lead to remote code execution. (Netscape was never the same after AOL got their grimy hands on it). This was another eWeek alert yesterday.

    If you want an independent, reliable, and safe browser (fast too) you may have noticed a new icon in the lower-right side of this page for FireFox. The Mozilla group has finally released Version 1.0 and it is GREAT! Previously I've been using just the Mozilla browser, but this is now default. FireFox is a browser-only client but you can still use the mail and news facilities of Mozilla if you currently do so without interference.

    I like choices and options. I refuse to let Microsoft push me into a corner. I do, out of necessity, use MS products when there is no other choice, but will use alternatives when they exist. If you have a web site that will only function with IE then I won't be visiting you - nor will hundreds of thousands of other users. Currently representing 10% of browsers the number of non-IE users are growing FAST!

    Note: At the time of this post only 35% of the visitors here use some version of IE.

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