Friday, December 17, 2004

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No. 5)

    Jessie Jackson, Civil Rights Rev - You proclaim to be a preacher yet you cheat on your wife. You tried several times to become the first African American president and you failed. You've tried to have your own talk show but no one wanted to listen to you. You claim to support the poor and disenfranchised yet only you have become a millionaire while those in need and struggling are still doing so. You need to retire from the public picture - no one cares about what you have to say and the only time you show up is to bring further division had foster hatred - always riding on someone else's misery and never creating anything good yourself. Your motives of promoting racial division are old school and everyone tires of it. You're a wanna-be that never was. Retire and enjoy the millions you suckered from so many poor.

    Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense - You've worked for this country for many years and admirably too. However, it's time for you to step aside. After that arrogant remark to the soldiers when asked about armor it is clear you need to just fade away now and let someone that really cares take your place (maybe a true military-type?). Instead of answering "you fight with what you get" you should have said "Damn! I WILL get more body armor and armor for your vehicles here ASAP and I will see to that personally". Also, I thought it very bad taste to show up in Iraq always in a suit and tie when standing before the real heroes. Rumsy - take a hike!

    George Soros, Anti-American Billionaire - Having given almost $4 MILLION to the ACLU Georgie would like some to think that he and his money can control what this country stands for, no matter what he does. Some of his more recent activities is to try to embarrass this country by exposing mistreatment of prisoners (like most Americans care about the treatment of thugs that wish us all dead?). Anthony Romero is the executive directory of the ACLU but is too much a coward to confront the public on the motives of the ACLU and what Georgies money is really doing. With your money Georgie you can't retire, but you can die - so do so as quickly as you can please - maybe as the result of some terrorist that you have chosen to protect. Ah - the irony of it all!

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