Saturday, December 18, 2004

    Kudos for Saturday -2-

    Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's President - Now here's a leader that really takes a brave stance against terrorist thugs in his country. Although some of his past has been called into question, it's what he is doing now that is most important - especially for the world, not just the USA. His life is quite robust and he is a proven leader. Kudos to you President Musharraf, and thanks for being brave in a world of cowardly leaders.

    Rogelio Maynulet, Captain US Army - Kudos to you Captain Maynulet for being a hero and killing worthless terrorist thugs. All true Americans hope that you will prevail against the charges brought against you by anti-American elements. You killed a thug that already had has skull blown apart, a confessed al-Sadr loyalist. Kudos to you!
    NOTE: You can sign a petition that will go to the US Congress showing your support for Captain Maynulet.

    My Babe, Sexy Honey - Kudos to my babe, especially today - Christmas cookie day! She makes the very best cookies - from scratch too. She will be making for the first time some chocolate-dipped pretzels too - ah, can't wait. I invite all my new readers to come over for cookies and (Soy) Eggnog (yes, with rum) and whatever - party down!

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