Thursday, December 23, 2004

    MS vs. EU

    Poor Bill Gates. His company, Microsoft, now owes the EC/EU €497 Million Euros - that's $664.8 Million dollars to us in the USA. That was the fine for "abusing its monopoly". The EU commission not only fined MS but also ordered they divulge enough of their proprietary code to allow rival companies "… to be able to build server software that works as well with Windows as Microsoft's own software." There were other demands as well.

    Now I'm not Bill's number one fan and I don't like some of the strong-arm tactics MS uses to exclude the competition, but I draw the line when the competition is too naïve to come up with their own software code and need that from the efforts of MS to help them jump-start their own. I also have a big problem with other countries complaining about the technology of a US company. If they have a problem with MS Windows and what it contains let them come up with their own operating system - who knows, it might even be better (doubt it). I think if I were Bill I'd just tell the EC/EU "Fine - we just won't sell any MS products in your countries, and then we won't be a problem to you." I'd love to see how long the pompous EC/EU hierarchy would survive their publics' outcry on that.

    I'll have to do some separate posts about the EC/EU - perhaps a pending threat to the USA that exceeds what any terrorist can do. They will increase their demands on US companies (there are already many) as well as use their combined muscle in global politics.

    WARNING: I see that people are still clicking on email links that appear to be from banks or the like. DON'T do it! No bank will ever tell you to click their links in an email and submit passwords or user names. If in doubt, open a new browser and go to your bank directly. Delete all such emails no matter how official they may look!

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    Many complain but little offer other options. I use Linux whenever possible.