Wednesday, December 22, 2004

    The Sky is Falling

    Since I had extensive experience as a systems software developer I knew the panic of Y2K was just that - senseless panic. I did absolutely nothing to "prepare" for potential disaster, yet I knew of people that filled their tubs, took wads of $ from their bank accounts, stocked up on food. Lots of people made lots of $ off Y2K (naïve people seem to be willing to part with their $ easy). Me? I took my babe to Reno on New Years Eve and we partied!

    When duct tape was going to mean the difference between life and death because of pending toxic chemical and biological warfare attacks the hardware stores just couldn't keep enough in stock - senseless panic - like tape was really going to help you huh? Me? I had to go to get other junk at the local hardware store and saw with my own eyes a full wall of duct tape near the checkout. It was good for a laugh.

    All it took was to tell the general public that there would be a shortage of flu vaccine - senseless panic. It was like life and death was the choice whether one got a flu shot or not. Me? I just shook my head and laughed at the utter ignorance of society as I watched droves of fearful people standing in lines for hours, thinking they must be punctured or die - some having a healthy smoke as they wait.

    I really feel sorry for those that live on the edge of fear. I think it has something to do with excessive reliance on others (like the government) to provide safety and security, coupled of course with a lack of knowledge. With easy access to the internet it doesn't take much to do some simple research on impending doom. CHILL PEOPLE!

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