Monday, December 06, 2004

    Yo Humbug

    Seems like there was a time that merchants had an unwritten agreement not to display Christmas items until after Thanksgiving. If memory serves me correct I believe Costco was bringing out the Christmas items after (or was it before) Halloween. Wasn't Christmas a time of sharing food and drink and festivities eons ago?

    Merchants have become cleverer in getting consumers to buy more, and buy earlier and earlier (often by making you feel guilty if you don't buy their product). The lowest level of merchant depravity has been breeched by Target when they essentially said "screw the Christmas spirit and bring on the shoppers" and forbade the Salvation Army from collecting donations outside their doors. Target claims to spend millions on their select charities (all large US corporations must - Federal law) but to the SA, often on the front line, they freely flip their middle finger to.

    I'm not religious but I do know the SA has helped so many with practically all of their contributions going to those in need (unlike the Red Cross). Think I'll give the SA the money I had planned to spend at Target.

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