Monday, December 27, 2004

    Predicting Martha

    Poor Martha Stewart. She had a rough time really. She traded an insignificant number of company shares then lied about it. Unfortunate for Martha she didn't use her "it depends on what you mean by the word is is" card. Well like Bill Clinton, she's a tough bitch and will make a comeback without a doubt. This I predict and I also predict her company stock will go up (MSO). Her stock has been as low as $8.25 and ended up today at $29.93. A multi-year distribution agreement with NBC has already been signed and made public earlier this month. People love to see a survivor, and she is like peoples mother that the big mean Ashcroft sent to jail.

    I'm not saying she did right but if she were you or me do you think the government would have spent almost $10 million dollars to put you away for a few months? I could have thought of a more productive use of that money and would have fined her some bucks - maybe to sponsor training materials for schools on how the stock markets work.

    As some of you already know I'm against sending non-violent offenders to prison. Prisons should be reserved for only violent types - for them to spend the full time as well.

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