Sunday, December 26, 2004

    Sniff'n A Good Deal

    My dog is not the only one that can sniff out something good. I remember last year the US government paid to two informants $30 million ($15 million each) for the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein's two sons. Money can be a good motivator and I have some ideas - some probably already thought of - to help the application of Rewards For Justice.

    The top idea would be if military troops are used to go after and capture (dead or alive) someone that was based off a tip from an informant then those troops that took direct part in that capture (on the scene) should also be rewarded above their basic pay - they are the ones that put their lives on the line. Even if were $5,000 or $10,000 bonus each I'm sure they and their families would be grateful. Besides, the military might see their recruitment numbers suddenly increase as well! The cost? Nothing really - in the case above the informants would still have been happy I'm sure with $14 million each - leaving $2 million to go to the real heroes putting their lives on the line.

    I'd also recommend that cash be paid for every weapon turned into the authorities, the more deadly weapons bringing more money. A rocket launcher with some live rockets gets more money paid that a pistol, but both get paid of course.


    SethIsRoot said...

    I like your idea about the soldiers getting paid although it would never fly. Complaints would abound. Jealousy and envy are everywhere and don’t think that some soldier is no different. Here in Iraq many soldiers bitch about soldiers in Kuwait making the same amount of money although they only do 6 month tours while we do 12 month or longer ones. Oh and the danger factor is not even close. There are no car bombings in Kuwait. They don’t get woken up at night from mortars falling in their camp. If we rewarded the soldiers who caught Saddam where would the buck stop, the actual soldiers at the scene? How about the logistics personnel who provide food and supplies for those troops? How about the scouts who went in weeks prior to the capture to recon the area? If we spread 2 million to a company of troops then everyone will want a piece of the action. Oh and we do pay for the weapons that get turned in. The biggest problem is that the people who cause the most harm don’t want money. Our American capitalism ideas don’t work when the people don’t want money. Later.

    : JustaDog said...

    Thanks for your post Seth. In your Saddam example, I'd limit rewards to those that were physically in that group on location. All play a part for sure, but there are some that are in higher risk areas than others. If a soilier in Kuwait wants a chance for some bonus bucks then they would have the option to request a transfer. I don't believe that all those in Iraq want to stay - especially if they have already been there like over a year. Give them a chance to finish their term in Kuwait.

    O - good to hear we pay for weapons turned in - thanks for letting us know. Those that don't want $ will just have to be terminated.

    Stay safe...