Sunday, December 05, 2004

    Register Guard Mailbag, 12/04/04

    Saturdays mail bag.

    U.S. Soldiers can't ignore rules - Gary Crum is upset that an American soldier shot an unarmed, wounded terrorist. I'd like to point out to Gary that this is not your typical war. In a typical war the opposition is just obeying some rules from their leader, who is obeying the directives of some government. The opposition in Iraq are murdering thugs whose sole purpose is to kill Americans, kill anyone that helps Americans, and kill anyone who tries to make a democracy in Iraq. They represent no military nor do they represent any government. If I were the military commander I would make it a rule under such situations that ALL enemy combatants would be shot again once they are on the ground. I would rather they don't live to kill again. The only "war crime" would be to allow this scum to live. Thanks for sharing where your real sympathy lies Gary.

    EWEB shouldn't sell to Triad - Douglas Newton makes a good point why EWEB (Eugene Water and Electricity supplier) should remain where they are. I also liked Doug's words "EWEB's one and only mission is to provide efficient, low-cost utility service to ratepayers." If EWEB were to sell then the rate payers would have to cough up millions to help EWEB to relocate. This is being pushed by a couple ignorant city councilors and, of course, the Register Guard (The RG seems to be for any plan or tax hikes that would be an additional burden on the local citizens - they are very predictable in that.) Good article Doug!

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