Tuesday, December 21, 2004

    Foreign Hatred

    We've heard often that other countries hate the USA. Do they really, and if so, why? Do their entire countries hate the USA or do a small minority of whiners that seem to always capture the news headlines - just like in this country? Let's do a simple analysis:
    • Tourism is always high from foreign countries to the USA.
    • Foreigners keep trying to get into the USA to live - legally or illegally.
    • The USA has one of the best employment rates (5.4%) in the world. The December 18, 2004 posting of Output, demand and jobs from the Economist shows the following unemployment rates: France 9.9%, Germany 10.8%, Spain 10.5%, and Belgium 12.8%. Gee - those are the same countries that we are told hate us, wonder why? Perhaps jealousy? Probably. These are also countries that practice high government reliance as well - productive people forced to pay the way for unproductive people. We have the overall best in everything in the USA - and people that don't have what we have will be jealous, and jealousy breeds hatred.
    • Has the recent Iraq situation caused even more hate? Well if your country's business with Saddam was interrupted by the overthrow of Saddam then you probably would be pissed. To bad - next time do business with leaders that aren't mass murderers.
    So, should our government contour our policies in an attempt to obtain the happy blessings from these whining countries? Not!

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