Wednesday, January 05, 2005


    Now that I have my cool "Other Good Sites" links working I can add more links that reflect what my ideals are. I also want to promote sites that are informative as well (no hate sites and no sites that promote violence). What are some of those ideals?
    • Promote common-sense thinking
    • Promote the small business person
    • Expose ignorance and those that promote hate
    • Advancing those that do more and whine less
    • Anti-extremism (is that a word?)
    • Giving credit where credit is due
    • Fairness
    • Anti-stupidity
    • Pro-American
    • Look'n out for the good people for a change!
    If you know of any site that you feel should be on this listing please let me know! Also, I'd like to thank Marcelo Franco for his free javascript treemenu.


    Crystal said...

    I am so honored to be listed on your blogroll. I have proudly reciprocated on my own.

    TJ said...

    Naturally, I would recommend my own(NIF) ... but also (in no particular order):

    Power LineRedstateBlogs For BushSpreading UnderstandingAEISlant PointThe Rebel RouserThe Club For GrowthMichelle MalkinMichael_the_ArchAngelParatrooper's BlogCao's BlogConservative LifeIt Is What It Is... just to name a few :)