Thursday, January 06, 2005

    Yahoo & Leaky Roofs

    I finally upgraded my Yahoo IM (instant messenger) - what a mistake. I can't complain too much since it is free, but I really don't like software that tries to sneak in other applications like toolbars and worthless, at least to me, JUNK. I also don't like software that is worse than a previous version, especially when it comes to the U/I (user interface). Too make this short I dumped Yahoo IM - totally off my system - even those items that their removal application didn't remove - gone. I replaced it with another free IM - Trillian (Cerulean Studios). I can do everything that the Yahoo can do even with my Yahoo accounts - and without the overhead of YIM. Check it out - if you use an IM Trillian can have you connected to all your accounts easy. Get the free version - not adware, no hidden crap, and a great U/I.

    What would you think of contractor that builds inadequate roofs on houses (that leak bad) turning around and offering to sell you kits to help you patch the very roof they caused to leak? Initially they would give out some minor hole patches but if you want a better fix for that poor roof ya gonna have to pay up. Well this is the snake oil that Microsoft will provide. The roof (the operating system) they put in so many computers has so many flaws and weaknesses and holes that, instead of just fixing it for good, they will be selling you "antivirus" software to help you get rid of those nasties that they are really the cause for anyway. Get real Bill.


    Anonymous said...

    oof! Microsoft...

    My Windows I'm used to seeing F*ed up. It doesn't happen too often, and when it does I tell Gates to go to hell and everything becomes miraculously better.

    It's IE that I can't stand! That's the real culprit that lets evreything hijack your PC. And when u complain, Microsoft releases a service pack, that shuts down Outlook, Windows Media Player, and basically everything you've ever actually used on your PC because they are security threats.

    I don't know if Microsoft can make any money off of that, but at least I'm sure Bill Gates will get a hearty satisfied laugh.

    hah! My comment is as long as ur post! That'll teach u to get me started on Microsoft.


    : JustaDog said...

    I couldn't agree with you more. IE is woven like a weed into Windows, and I've had less problems since I use Firefox 99.99% of the time now.

    Thanks for the post Anna!

    Kamigoroshi said...

    Trillian 3 rules man. Glad you switched to it.

    I do however still use IE at least an IE core when I load a page. I use this program Maxthon (formally known as MyIE2) as well as Firefox when I'm designing my blog to see where everything goes.

    Maxthon's not so bad it's like having IE with Opera. It's got adblock, mouse gestures, it's decently fast. I haven't had problems with exploits. Pretty smooth even if it does use IE core.