Friday, January 07, 2005

    It's Friday Retirement Time! (No. 8)

    Marilyn Mays, "Diversity Advocate" - Marilyn will hold her position in Eugene, OR up until January 14. Now I do applaud her involvement with children (she's a coach of a sixth-grade boys YMCA basketball team) but I'd like to see her retire from the NAACP (she's the local NAACP's president in addition to being a city-paid advocate). You seem to be a good person that somehow got lured into doing their dirtywork. I'm not a racist but the very name of the NAACP is racist and promotes hate against other races - something I'm totally against. One thing Marilyn thinks was an achievement was to change the name of a local street in Eugene - one that had a historic name - to Martin L. King. Eugene was happy to name a nice new street but she pressed for the renaming - with accusations of racism by the local community if they didn't give in (they did). I feel it's wrong for any race to extort a community in that manner. Not finding enough racial tension in our little area she has her nephew, Jordan, file a complaint alleging racial profiling by the Eugene police. When it was investigated and ruled not sustained she was getting frustrated. She couldn't stir up racial frictions like she had wanted in this laid back community (we gel here baby!) and opted to leave for more promising ground - San Diego. Unfortunately the company she works for can only exist by hate - and if it doesn't exist they will create it. Hey, they have a business to maintain - without constant hate and telling people how oppressed they are they would go out of business.

    Please retire from the NAACP Marilyn. If you want to be an advocate how about one for the children - all of them, all races, all religions. You do seem to smile more when you work with the children. And Eugene, we don't need to pay someone that $58,989 salary just to make us look like we have big city problems - we don't - so stop wasting our money just to try and be fashionable!


    Crystal said...

    I think the journalist had it wrong when he said "diversity advocate" resigns and the city had it wrong when they hird her for an obviously needed position in the city. She seems confused with what diversity is really about. I am glad the article at least threw in the mention of the fallout from her nephew's allegation of racial profiling. Glad Eugene,Or could see this tactic of throwing out the race card and wasn't frightened by it. Thus it seems she appropriately felt and recognized her work for a special interest was not valued and was not ever going to be. She will most definitely feel more comfortable and valued in San Diego.

    : JustaDog said...

    Think you might be right Crystal. I don't know this person but I think her desire to help the good people was mis-directed by going through the NAACP. The post was to retire from the NAACP, not from life or the pursuit of helping to make this a better world. She's stated she plans to pursue "opportunities in recreation management" - a worthy pursuit. I wish her well.