Friday, January 28, 2005

    Marine Replies to Senator Kennedy

    Don't usually post twice in the same day but this if from a true American - truly among the Good People!


    Tim Chapman said...

    thanks for leaving a comment...I like you blog.

    I added you to my blogroll which I plan to add to my site soon.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Its always great to hear from folks on the other end of the ideological spectrum.

    The letter you linked to was quite an interesting piece of reading. Check out the comments I left there, if you'd like.

    Chris Woods said...

    Sorry, that was me. Blogger won't remember me as who I am signed in as.

    Just another American Expat said...

    True American. Is that anything like "True German". Lord knows I hear that one enough since I happen to live in Germany. Have you ever noticed how both statements have almost the same Aryan-like tone about them? Of course you might get an argument from the “native Americans” on this one, after all, they claim to be the true Americans.

    Oh, by the way. When are you going to sign up? You are going to sign up...right? It’s your patriotic duty to wear the uniform…we’ve all done it. It’s your turn.

    Oh damn...I allmost forgot. You know that guy Raven? The one you said you could identify so easily? Well, Raven was really good at identifying too. While you were sitting at home on your ass in 1991 he was out running around in the desert identifying Iraqi tanks…and killing them.

    “True Americans” I just love that phrase.

    : JustaDog said...

    Odd - I didn't know there was something bad about being patriotic. As an independent I have noticed that the more radical liberal people are the less patriotic they are. They tend to have goals that destroy and tear the country down instead of building it up. Where there is a greater good they will amplify or create the bad in attempts to flood the good from visibility.

    BTW – The very fact that you don’t know me, nor do you know where or what I was doing in 1991, yet you make accusations just proves my point – people resort to lies and fabrications in their attempts to destroy the good. Thanks for proving my point. And no, I can’t identify with the Germans – they are experts in killing, torturing, and hysterical behavior. A bit different than waving a flag don’t you think?