Monday, January 31, 2005

    Some Whining, Etc.

    As expected minority democrats are on damage control in the light of successful elections in Iraq. Now the favored line is "the President did not go to war in Iraq for elections". Well I do know the President has always focused on democracy for all people around the world - maybe too high a goal for some. The usual rhetoric of adding phrases like "come clean with the American people", "stop the lying", "be honest for a change", and other favorites continue. I guess these minority democrats (not all) are hoping to keep some level of whatever active. Personally, I get tired of it - like it's all they can come up with and please, what is it doing to help America?
    Seems like the National Islamic Resistance/1920 Revolution Brigade is taking credit for downing a British Hercules C-130 aircraft. Seems to me a strategy that could help with this group of thugs would track down and kill all members of this group. Terminate anyone associated with their membership, with their support, and totally confiscate all assets this group might have. These thugs continue to laugh at us, even video taping their coward activities and shoving them in our face. We need to instill a real fear into them - something we've yet to do.
    Looks like the local bus drivers might strike, holding the needy pubic that requires their service as hostage. To me this is very simple and just a temporary inconvenience: hire new drivers that would be happy to have a job like that along with the benefits the country/city is willing to offer. Those that strike obviously are not happy, and they should be removed from their unhappy jobs. I'd hate to see workers forced to work under conditions they don't like. The local paper published some good letters from readers about this - as well as some more feedback on a previous post of mine on panhandlers.

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