Thursday, January 13, 2005

    What ever happened to?

    Have you ever wondered about what happened to some person, place, or idea? Feel free to add to the list!

    Levitating trains? (All the trains I see have those old-fashion rails)

    Auto-guided cars we were suppose to be driving by now? (People have a hard time driving between the lines let alone in the sky anyway)

    The paperless age? (Computers were supposed to greatly reduce our use of paper, but we use more than ever!)

    Secure Microsoft Windows? (Yeah, right - don't bet money on this one)

    Justice? (Many criminals have it better than struggling good people - free medical, free meals, free internet access, …)

    Dome cities on the moon? (Weren't we suppose to be able to stay a few moon-days under domes on the moon by now?)

    Free love? (Not talking about free sex either!)

    Hosted parties? (All the lawsuits against those that use to host the bar has turned free drinks into host-it-yourself parties - or BYOB)

    Equal rights? (Things aren't so equal yet - some people get advantages just because of their race, sex, age, etc.)

    Global warming? (It's pretty cold right now in Oregon)

    Easy money? (Well, I'm trying!)

    United Nations? (Well, some of the more intelligent and responsible ones do unite for the global good of the good people - sorry France, et al)


    kara said...

    I hear their working on radiation shields for campers on Luna. (No domes yet...
    Send me to the moon!

    Brian said...

    Cool post. Here are some more...

    * Videophones (OK, so we have webcams, but they aren't the same...)
    * All our food in pill form (guess that's 'cause we like eating)
    * The 30-hour workweek
    * Nude beaches (I remember reading a prediction in the '80s that all beaches owuld be clothing-optional by 1990)
    * Editorial comments on TV and radio (the FCC removed the mandate for these in the '80s, so all we have now are blogs and Bill O'Reilly)
    * Men/women on Mars
    * Supersonic passenger jets
    * Segways (aka Ginger) (since this invention debuted that was suppoed to change the world, I've seen only one in actual use)

    B2 said...

    Whatever happened to Kennedy's final frontier? Are we seriously waiting around for private industry to get us into space? Why do we even bother with NASA, then?

    z. said...

    my brain!!!!

    Sorry, i just sat there with the question you posed and seriously, i couldn't think of a single answer. (Perhaps it's because i have yet to eat breakfast)

    all wells, anyway i hope you u have a nice day~


    nonpcpundit said...

    What about cable TV? When I was a "young-un" there was some fluff about not having to deal with commercials if you paid for Tv. Adelphia cable, where I hide out in San Bernardino County, makes absolutely certain that every 1/2 of tv has at least 13 minutes of commercials. You can't even get away from it if you buy a video. a half hour of "previews" preceeds most movies, especially if you buy major studio videos or DVD.