Friday, January 14, 2005

    What's Your Standard?

    Wikipedia defines Standard of Living to be the quality and quantity of available goods and services. They do bring in "quality of life" - a factor I think is really the most important, for how could you enjoy those goods and services without a good quality of life.

    Although most people want more, the bottom-line rule would be: if you are happy with your standard of living and quality of life then you are doing well with both where you are. If you want more then YOU do what it takes to get what you want and stop wanting and waiting on the government (taxpayers) to give it to you.

    Personally I think the USA has the highest potential standard of living and quality of live of any country. I've seen and read many comments that bash the USA saying one would be better off living in some other country - but I notice they say such things from the comfort and security of this country. Notice I said potential - for some don't want to try for whatever reason, expecting and even demanding the government (taxpayers) provide for them.

    These whiners make claims that one can have free medical in another country - a very dumb claim. The working class has to pay very high taxes to support the "free" medical. In reality, I have never heard of anyone dying outside an emergency room door because they were refused treatment. Another claim is some other country has "free" tuition - there's that "free" word again, and yes, the poor hard-working person is forced to pay into the government controlled system. The USA already does this, but mostly on the local level.

    I think I'll stay living in the country with the best, not perfect, of all standards. If I feel there is something better then I'll leave - I'm not the whining type.

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