Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    180 John Kerry 180

    I've had my current Brain Poll about this very topic. Even if you voted for Kerry you should want your candidate cleared of any suspicion wouldn't you? The word is out, the pressure is on - John Kerry, sign that Form 180! I found this a Tuesday event on Cao's blog - good post Cao! Click the image below to email Kerry and tell him you want him to comply with the law!

    Here are other blogs targeting the same - if you want to join the list see Cao's blog:


    nonpcpundit said...

    All of this is probably irrelevant in the long run. The fact Kerry is a flip-flopper, liar and fabricator was proven self-evident in the campaign. Like Clinton, he wants to be president but somehow feels that he owes nobody any explanations. His continued dodging of the issue should be enough proof he is an untrustworthy cheat. If enough people don't care, he will eventually get elected just like slick willy did. Everything beyond that is simply curiosity.

    : JustaDog said...

    Perhaps, but I do think it reflects those that supported a person of this non-character as well. Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, those in Hollywood – all backing a person with a questionable background, almost 20 years as a Senator yet with no accomplishments in that position to base his presidential candidacy on. Sort of puts the judgment of those higher-level and higher-profile individuals in question in my opinion.