Monday, February 14, 2005

    Got Monday?

    Congratulations to Alberto Gonzales on his swearing-in ceremony today. Again, it is the Republicans that have put more minorities into positions of higher authority in our country, not the democrats. Over the years I have noticed the democrats superficially claim to be on the side of the minority but in reality they do all they can to keep them oppressed and divided. They have hammered the concept for so many years that it is only with a government run by democrats will the minority population be able to survive. These same ultra-liberals continue to promote state and federal handout programs to minorities - locking them into a dependent relationship with government instead of helping them become independent and self-reliant. Yet, when republicans are in power we see minorities advance on their own merit many times over.

    I noticed I received many anti-identity posts about the REAL ID act passing the House vote, but those same whiners didn't seem to want to post which fictitious hospital they would choose - ACLU Medical or AmeriMed. Is anyone surprised? They forcefully oppose identification but can't cope with a simple scenario where identification would make a difference for them personally. Extend that example to identification of the pilot of that flight your about to take, or the people preparing that food your about to ingest, or that person driving that big truck next to the building you happen to be in, etc. These whiners are fools.

    The Washington Post ran a story saying the US has been flying unmanned spy drones over Iran. I have to wonder if any imbedded insurgent at that anti-American paper ever bothered to ask the defense department if this was true, and if so, would making it public knowledge be harmful to the USA? Of course not. The DoD denies it - but irregardless of whether it is true or not, I think an investigation of who these "three sources" are should take place, with severe criminal action taken if they are in some position where they have signed some contract of confidentiality or security. Perhaps these sources are the same as those of Dan Rather, but I get sick of hearing how easy it is for people to sell out their country for a momentary headline, money, a flash of "fame" - whatever. Give them a 1-way ticket to North Korea if they hate America so much.

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    Thought I'd share this link regarding "How to ship a fresh brain"

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