Tuesday, February 08, 2005

    All In The Family, Part Deux

    I'm finding the real corruption of the UN better than most fictional spy stories. I'm startling to connect some dots - I know I won't be able to do all since there are so many. Here is the first little group - what do ya think? It's not just the oil for food scandal we're talking about - it's basically all the money that the UN takes in, how much is spent, is it going for the intended purpose, who is doing the manipulation, what cross-checks (if any) are there, what do they claim their overhead is, etc.

    The Rich pardon has received special attention because Denise Rich raised and donated more than $1 million to the Democratic Party in recent years and also provided the Clintons directly with a $10,000 contribution to their legal defense fund and $7,300 worth of furniture. Rich was also very important to the illegal oil trade even back then. Here is a list of pardons by President Clinton - note they include drug traffickers, many financial fraud conspiracy offenders, making false statements (Clinton can identify with that), many fraud offenders, and more. Now if Hillary were to become the next President and Bill was the General Secretary of the UN think of all the illegal money laundering and skimming they could make happen. They sure have the connections in place!

    Now if you feel inclined to leave a comment please stick to the subject matter and don't go off into some left extremist blue twilight zone on how Bush lied about tsunami or whatever. If you think my facts are in error then give me proof! Give me facts that directly dispute what I'm saying!


    Tim said...

    At risk of being accused of travelling in a left wing fog...I respect your request for facts in your comments, but did you put any in your story? Your 'connection of dots' looks tenuous at best.

    Charone said...

    Bush the First pardoned a career terrorist, Orlando Bosch, who is presently living in Miami.

    : JustaDog said...

    Sorry - I don't put anti-Castro fighters and anti-dictator fighters in the class of terrorists. I know there are sites saying he is responsible for every bomb that has been placed in Mexico and South America but it appears most of what is presented is anti-freedom BS. The same BS that claims our troops in Iraq are the true terrorists.

    What have you done in the name of freedom lately?

    Markkind said...

    This is brilliant. Keep up the good work!

    Gindy said...

    Great graphic. Sometimes you have to just draw it out for people.