Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    A Townhall Meet'n

    What would a town hall meeting be like with Senator Maddie Dog? Let's take some questions!

    Q: What about all the fuss about social security (SS)?
    A: SS should be phased out. It has been a social crutch that has taken away the drive of Americans to think about their own future. Phase out SS and bring in financial education starting at the middle school level. Most people are ignorant about such things as investments, risk, retirement funds, savings, etc. People need to be responsible for themselves.

    Q: Don't you think schools should supply better meals for students, even if it means raising taxes for the school district?
    A: Taxpayer funded meals at schools should be terminated. Schools should focus on education - parents should take responsibility for the meals of their children. Parents have disenfranchised themselves from this responsibility and it's costing the taxpayer. If the parents can't afford the time or money to make their children a basic meal to take with them to school then I'd have to ask why they even had children. There are plenty of social programs (food stamps, etc.) to help more needy people buy nutritional foods. Some people just have lots of kids and expect taxpayers to feed them as well as educate them. This is wrong. Also, if you have more than 2 children in the same school system at the same time you should be paying for their extra load on the system.

    Q: When can we expect free socialized medicine?
    A: Hopefully never. There is no such thing as free social programs. They are all financed by the taxes of hard working people. Most of these programs remove the drive of the receivers of the benefits to improve themselves. I would exchange social programs for education and training - how to be responsible for yourself and take pride in your independence from government (taxpayers).


    nonpcpundit said...

    I don't mean to offend our Candian friends, but two of the biggest social program Democrats were Slick Willy and the Woman. And when he needed a bypass surgery, he didn't head for Canada. He got his healthcare here in the good ole USA, where Hillary was working so hard to change the system. Go figure.

    John said...

    I like Senator Maddie Dog. I'd vote for her!

    afidhsgf said...

    Do you actually have any experience living in a society with socialized medicine? And if not, how can you be so quick to dismiss it. Of course social programs are paid for by taxes. That's the way it works in every country.

    : JustaDog said...

    Yes I do, and I know that in Canada if you need an MRI or CT scan you can either wait about 4-6 months or cross the boarder into the United States and pay for one - immediately. I know MANY Canadians, and one in particular had a brain turmor. They had money but still had to wait 8 months before it could be operated on. Emergency rooms are constantly crowded with every lame excuse from a sore to an ache and all-in-all the Canadians hate their healthcare system. Whenever something like socialized medicine is "free" it will be abused beyond comprehension.

    WhyNot said...

    “When can we expect free socialized medicine?
    A: Hopefully never. ”

    Yes, I hope so too, so that when you next need life saving medecine that is out of your financial reach, you just kick the bucket. The world will then be a tiny bit better off.

    : JustaDog said...

    You obviously don't live in this great country or you would know that any hospital will treat a life critical emergency whether or not you had insurance. It is a requirement by law.

    Ya know I could tell by your comment of hate that you were a democratic socialist - even before I looked at your website. You even define yourself as such. So much hate against those that support democracy - why?

    Michael_the_Archangel said...

    To anyone who thinks that government run/controlled health system would be a good idea needs to look no further than the US Postal system. They are slow, inefficient and subsidized. Compare them to a company like FedEx - you pay more, but the level of service is much, much higher. Yes, you can get 'overnight' service from the Post Office, but it costs you as much or more than it costs from FedEx and FedEx ISN'T subsidized.

    In my state the Department of Motor Vehicles is the ONLY place you can get your license or plates (some stuff you can get via mail, but not licenses). The point is, if you HAVE to go to a DMV office, it's slow, no I mean it's sloooooooooooow. Why? Because it's government run enterprise and they have (both the people and department in general) no reason to give better service or improve efficiencies. Government is the WORST way to get most services.

    Like Maddie Dog said, you got a life endangering situation, go to any emergency room - they HAVE to take care of you, regardless of your ability to pay, it's the law.

    Rob said...

    "Where's Your Brain": An ironically titled blog if ever there was one.