Friday, February 11, 2005

    Identification - Oh Really?

    You live in a city with only two hospitals - ACLU Medical and AmeriMed - there are no other hospitals for 500 miles. These hospitals are almost identical, both built by the same contractor so they even look alike inside and out. Both have the exact same number of beds, the exact same quality and quantity of equipment and supplies, right down to the count of pillows. Both facilities will take life-threatening emergencies without question. There is one difference between these otherwise identical facilities.

    ACLU Medical believes in total privacy rights and is against any appearance of identification and verification of any kind regarding status, legally or professionally. They proudly preach what they believe. Their medical staff - from doctors, including surgeons, nurses, everyone - have been free to practice without having to prove even their identity. They can hang a certificate or diploma on the wall if they want but they are not required to prove it is real. No mandatory knowledge of English is even required, so there is the possibility the medical staff might not be able to understate each other. They are never asked to prove any qualifications.

    AmeriMed believes in protecting the public. They require identification be proven. They check the background of their medical staff, both education, past employment, and professional references. Their fingerprints are even taken and compared with previous fingerprints on file with the appropriate professional organizations. Proficiency in the English language is mandatory. Any criminal record is checked as well. They are always required to prove all qualifications.

    You have a child that has a sudden life-threatening medical emergency. Which hospital will you entrust your child to?

    If you take your child to ACLU Medical it's obvious you don't care about the health and safety of your child. You reason it's better to take a stand for staying in the dark about who might change your life. Basically, you don't care.

    If you take your child to AmeriMed then you care about the health and safety of your child because you care about who might change your life. Basically, you care.

    So is it really so bad to require verifiable identification in the interest of the health and safety of an entire country?


    Missile Tow said...

    There is actually a hospital here in southern california that has a striking resemblance to ACLU Hosptial, and you would be amazed at how many people choose to go there and refuse to reform it, even though it is well documented that needless deaths occur there with some frequency.

    Oopsey! This is not about medical care, is it?

    PS: Your point is well taken.

    nonpcpundit said...

    ACLU Medical probably would not want to embarrass doctors by actually making them prove they know anything. What about that unnamed doctor you go to for open heart surgery who slept throught the class on how to properly close the heart after surgery is complete? I wonder where the ACLU gets their medical treatment?

    : JustaDog said...

    Doctor? At ACLU Medical there would be no way to know if he/she even went to medical school. Could be an illegal alien with a white jacket and fake ID (to get that discount at the hospital snack shop). And that recovery nurse (should you live through the operation) who the heck would she be? Maybe she's high on coke, infested with TB and HIV positive - ah, but the ACLU will protect her right to work there without question. Heck - she probably isn't even a nurse, but you will never know! And when you die because of inadaquate care don't worry - they will not document anything and you will just be anonymous # 5234 - they will protect your right of privacy as well!

    Kender said...

    Another problem not even mentioned here is that ACLU medical won't let you pray that you get out alive. And if you do pray they will sue you. And once they sue you they will ask the government to pay all of the costs for suing you.

    And then they will be shcocked, shocked I tell you, when you say what a bunch of evil cretins they are.

    They might even try to sue you for saying that, but when they look up teh word cretin they may realize that you are right (in more than one way) and quietly slnk away, satisfied to place your name on a list that they read once a month so they can keep the names of those they "owe" fresh in their tiny little pin heads.

    Sorry for the rant, my boosters ingited.

    Caoilfhionn said...

    Kender, that was a riot!