Thursday, February 10, 2005

    A Townhall Meet'n - continued

    Q: Which is better - socialism or capitalism?
    A: Capitalism is the only system where an individual can make his or her dream happen. With Socialism you surrender your dreams and your life to the government. In Socialism you live to work and support everyone else - sort of like a bee colony with all the worker bees supporting each other who in turn live to support the queen bee - the government. It's a great system only if you're one of the higher-lever government people - otherwise you will forever be just a slave bee, and any dreams you have remain just that. Capitalism challenges people to care for themselves, to have a drive to improve their condition. Socialism breeds envy and hate against those that are capitalist, for they (the capitalist) enjoy so much more than the socialist.

    Q: Should we have immigration reform?
    A: Most definitely. Stronger boarders, tight requirements on identification (only those legally in the US could get drivers licenses), tighter tracking of visitors and students - especially from countries that hate our great country. The house will be voting today on such a bill - hope it passes.

    Q: So we still have people coming to the US illegally?
    A: Yes, way too many. In spite of all the rumors about how terrible the US is, millions from all over the world want to live in this great country. Guess all those rumors aren't true after all. People want a chance for "the good life" that socialist countries can't provide. Heck, even in hockey many Canadian players play for American teams because they realize much greater pay and much less taxes than if they were to work for a Canadian team paying super high taxes (needed for that "free medical" and other social programs).

    Q: Did you hear about that United Airlines pilot that wanted to crash a jet in New York?
    A: Yes, he told a women he "wanted to crash a plane into Wall Street because some people made 'easy money' there". Sick people, but like I mentioned in the first answer above there are many people that have big hate for those that have more - whether money or respect or material things or liberties or more freedom. Perhaps they hate because they did not have the drive and/or brains to make it themselves. Perhaps they hate because they live in some country that suppresses their dreams. They simply hate - and those that hate the most seem to be those that hold so-called peace rallies, attach cute words like "civil liberties" to the titles of their quest of hate, etc.


    windspike said...

    I enjoyed your thoughts, now prove it.

    Kender said...

    Allow me to take up that gauntlet.....prove what? Are you saying that socialism is NOT those things?

    Socialism withers the soul. Show me one socialist country that gives men the freedom to succeed or fail on their own talent, intelligence or ability? You can't because there isn't one.

    Socialism destroys ambition. It kills intitiative. There is very little drive to better oneself and hence, your position in society, both economically and socially in a socialist system.

    It is almost the polar opposite of capitalism.

    It is almost, in fact, as evil as communism.

    Now, prove to us that it capitalism is worse than socialism.

    : JustaDog said...

    A most excellent reply. Thank you Kender!

    nonpcpundit said...

    Communisim--economic system
    Socialism--political system

    Both--Evil Evil Evil !!!

    There are still nutcases running around out there that haven't figured out that when the Berlin wall collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Warsaw Treaty Organization collapsed and we all got a good look inside that both communism and socialism were morally, ethically, economically and politically bankrupt. And look at the grotesque damage to the ecology of the east that was wrought at the hands of the socialists and communists. The ecofreaks and "boutique socialists" that breed like vermin in this country don't seem to realize that capitalists systems have ALWAYS been better for the environment--no matter how much the tree-huggers and pagan nature worshippers complain--because capitalist people MAKE MONEY AND PAY TAXES, AND HAVE THE MOST ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS. Windspike only needs to look around the U.S. and compare it to China, North Korea or Russia to see the proof all over the place.

    Have a nice weekend.

    daedalus2005 said...

    These are interesting posts!

    Which of you empirically challenged philosophical giants is named John Galt?

    : JustaDog said...

    I just love when radical socialists post here and prove my points I try to make. Nothing personal daedalus2005 but you typed yet said nothing. BTW, John Galt died many years ago. I would challenge you to post someting convincing - something factual - something other than hit-and-run bashing. Nothing of substance to post? Well you are still free to look and read. You can comment here - I don't screen, nor do I delete. Yeah - unlike many extreme lefty sites out there, I don't suppress your right to speak! Heck, some sites have even banned me from posting my views - too much too handle I guess, or they have never heard truth before and it hurt.

    Anonymous said...

    Seems to me all Americans are illegal immigrants, having pretty much comitted genocide against the true natives to the land.

    : JustaDog said...

    "True natives" - no such thing. Unless you want to preach that American Indians were dropped from a flying saucer onto what is now the United States and came from no where else. Well anonymous, the problem with that old and invalid argument is there is no way to prove that "native Americans" were the first here. Perhaps thousands of years ago they killed off some other civilization, which killed off one before them.

    None the less, what matters is the present and the future, not something before my life time, or my fathers, or his fathers, or his father, ... Let's deal with the situation before us now!

    surrogate said...

    what silly thoughtless drivle.

    your "COSHTUW" counter sort of sums up your approach to reality huh? What is that the GNP of 5 Universes?