Monday, March 07, 2005

    How's Your Vision?

    Are you a short-sighted or long-sighted person? A short-sighted person basically lacks foresight and will say or do something without considering future consequences.
    Executive officers and management people need to have foresight. They need to consider the future consequences to a company that a present decision might have.
    Those that are short-sighted are unable to grasp the concept of foresight, unable to grasp the big picture. Even when presented with facts and reality it is still beyond the mental reach of these people. Their choices and decisions are often directed only by the moment, not the future. They act on their short-term emotions - often being followers, unable to formulate and reason out a situation or concept.
    A common thread with short-sighted types has been the Iraq war. They mimic their idols in Washington D.C. in every way. When their politicians (or favorite socialist movie star) say a phrase about Iraq (always negative), the mentally limited sound like a parrot - unable to reason out a situation for themselves. For example, at first it was Bush went to war for the oil. Then it was Bush went to war to finish what his father started. Then it was Bush went to war because of lies he told the American people. Now its Bush is changing the focus of the war to democracy in Iraq (Bush never said this was the reason) but that's not why we really went to war in the first place. Again - just a mimic of what certain far-left politicians want to permeate throughout the country - they love to cause unrest.
    No matter the public reason the goals in Iraq war remain the same - removal of a terrorist-supporting regime, kill terrorists, and plant the seeds of democracy. In no time in history has the seed of democracy been implanted in that region like it has - with other Arab countries wanting a taste of freedom as well.
    Don't try to explain it to a short-sighted person, they will never be able to grasp the concept, nor do they have the mental capacity to reason long-term concepts in their limited craniums.


    nonpcpundit said...

    I'm always amazed everytime I hear anything about"spreading democracy across the Middle East" or "bringing democracy to Iraq" , or Lebanon. Those cultures have absolutely no idea what democracy is, they have no tradition of democracy, no cultural institutions of democracy, and with the exception of numbers so small as to be insignificant, they no more want a democracy or understand it any more than Americans understand Islam or want to become a Muslim. There is also one feature about democracy, a feature that is constantly under attack here in America, that further demonstrates why democracy has not, does not, and ultimately will not succeed in the Middle East, no matter how much we love the idea. This will be in a post I am working on. With luck, I might get it posted today.

    Other than that one thing, good post.

    : JustaDog said...

    Ok, let's get a bit picky. You say "Those cultures have absolutely no idea what democracy is" yet in the same sentence you say "they no more want a democracy". So, how can anyone not want something they have no concept or experience with?

    I also think in some of those oppressed countries the people have little choice in what they publicly want - since their government can easily squish their desires that are anti-government or even might appear as anti-Islamic. Just like the elections in Iraq when Saddam was in power. If we were to go by the superficial then everyone in Iraq loved Saddam and wanted only him as their dictator.

    I think even those that display barbaric behavior should at least be given a taste of what freedom might offer. Just look at how long it took freedom and democracy to finally get a firm base in the USA - and at the cost of 100,000's of lives. I also think our pill-popp'n, microwave quick everything mindset wants too much too fast.

    Kender said...

    I daresay that the vast majority of "americans" at the time of the revolution had little idea of what to expect from democracy but they soldiered on in hopes of something better. The world can see how well we've done, and I hope the messsage spreads.

    Good post.