Monday, March 28, 2005

    Speak English, DUH

    The United States of America has no legal official language. Efforts to make English the official language have not really received much concern probably because most of us use English without much thought. Perhaps with the ever-increasing growth of illegal aliens continuing to pour over our boarders this has been an oversight that is costing legal taxpayer's big time.
    On the state level, 27 states have English as their official language and several more are considering similar legislation. Arizona is the most recent state to go through the states legal process to make English the official state language.
    On the other hand, California is a different story. A state with probably the largest population of illegal aliens (and the huge state deficit that carries these free-loaders) the now have a local candidate that would be the nation's only elected official that speaks no English. California is a good example of how not to operate.
    The costs to legal taxpayers are huge. Official documents have to be printed in multiple languages to accommodate these people. In California many of these illegal aliens vote, so they need the voting information in their native tongue - mainly Spanish.
    Of course there are the usual organizations that prey on people that think they are oppressed, so it's in their best interest to keep these people oppressed. One of the best ways is to keep them from any requirement to learn English since a person without English will have a difficult time to advance in life. At the top is the ACLU (no surprise) along with high profile Mexican organizations. If people were self-reliant and legal think of all the oppressive organizations that would go out of existence!


    Torrid said...

    I beg your pardon? California is providing bilingual voting materials so that non-citizens can vote? I don't think so.

    Torrid said...
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    Torrid said...
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    : JustaDog said...

    I didn't say that - please reread the post. If you are trying to say that no illegal aliens vote in California then you must be living in one of those reality TV programs!

    logical lola said...

    Immigrants, both legal and illegal, built this great country and continue to do so by taking the jobs that the rest of us wouldn't touch. If it weren't for immigrants, you'd be paying a LOT more for the food you eat. You wouldn't pick lettuce all day in 90 degree heat, getting sprayed with pesticides for less than minimum wage, would you? Regardless of what you hear in the "news", the huge majority of the immigrant population, legal AND illegal, pay taxes into our system and actually collect very few if any benefits, such as welfare, etc. So, they are paying more and receiving less. Also, the changes in offering more language options on government forms has come about as a result of legal immigration, so stopping the illegals wouldn't change that.
    Our country would actually be stronger and much more successful in the world market if we learned more languages than just English. We might actually be able to compete with the multilingual engineers and other professionals that primarily come from every country but ours.

    Torrid said...

    I did reread it, and it says the same thing:

    "In California many of these illegal aliens vote, so they need the voting information in their native tongue - mainly Spanish."

    You present it as an accomodation made by the state on behalf of illegal aliens, so that they may vote. That's almost certainly not the case.

    As for how many actually do, there's little to no info on the subject. I have a hard time believing many at all do, however. I know that in Washington, despite a fervent attempt by the WSRP to ferret out such voters, they've come up with exactly ONE--and he deregistered himself unbidden, 3 days after the election.

    Anonymous said...

    That's funny. I remember voting for a proposition that made English the official language in California. I remember that it passed by a fairly wide margin. Or should I be surprised that politicians ignore the wishes of the electorate.

    Bob Durtschi