Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    Bonded Trust

    The sad situation of Terri Schiavo has both drawn the attention of the nation as well as created a divide among many. I have heard so much from both sides there is no real way to distinguish what is true and what are fabrications. I have seen divisions even within both major political parties. I've seen bloggers that were once close now become distant.
    We as a nation live in a TV world where so-called reality shows abound. Viewers are taken into the lives of regular people - at least which is what they want us to believe. I've never watched any of these programs - doesn't matter why in this post. Most of the nation knows these actors by name, know what they did in previous shows, and have all sorts of opinions of what their virtual friends should have done or should be doing. I think this mentality has extended into Terri's world as well. Probably 99.999% of the people with strong opinions know nothing about this family, and what they think they do know comes from rumor mills or media reports. Like the TV programs they feel the need to be a part of the decisions - that they know what is best for everyone.
    Others have their personal and group agendas they must get out in the open. Those that believe all life should be maintained no matter what. Those that believe in "death with dignity" want their stance known. Those that have religious motives have their stance known - even the Pope has taken a stance. There are those in the federal government that try to use their positions to make their stance known. Personally - it all makes me sick. I don't think I've seen such exploitation of a human being on such a massive scale as I have with this. Now as the vulture news stations circle the hospital they wait. They love and crave moments like this - sick huh?
    I would never wish to put my spouse through such a situation, and need to have in writing that very desire - let me go! What was shared between Terri and her husband - we can only believe him. My spouse feels the same and I only hope we get our intimate desires of how we wish to sustain our life or not written down before we become exploited targets ourselves. The most incredible moment - the most difficult test of love - comes when such a decision might have to be made. If you pray, then pray you never have to realize such a situation. In any event, it's a moment between bonded couples and not with the government, the media, or millions of strangers.

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    Gun-Toting Liberal said...

    Well personally, I'm HAPPY this case is getting national attention. At the very least, we all have been taught the valuable lesson of having a living will drawn up for circumstances such as these.

    As to the supposed "complexities" of Terri Schiavo's situation, it's not complex at all. If you have a living will that says to pull the feeding tube, then you have a right to die. If you don't have a living will that says that, then you shouldn't let people die based solely upon hearsay.