Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Would You Trust Him?

    Would you trust this 46 year old man with your children? Would it bother you at all that he finds it heavenly to have children sleep naked with him? He is especially fond of young boys, and has this swell private amusement park to entice children and their parents - the first step on the way to his bed.

    Just look at his face - so innocent isn't it? As I was putting this post together I get a CNN email that poor Mickey had to go to the hospital because his back is hurting. Remember about a week ago he was rushed to the hospital because he had the flu? Oh poor Mickey - sniff sniff and it's to the hospital we go. I don't think the Judge in his pedophile trial is very sympathetic with Mickey - he (the Judge has given him 1 hour to get his wimpy ass back to court or he will issue an arrest warrant. Just now I get this - hot off the press from CNN: Michael Jackson faces possible arrest, forfeit of $3m bail after failing to appear in court on time for child abuse trial.

    So much pressure to take the focus off the victim and the hideous sexual acts upon children in his trust. As if trying to move the focus to the childs mother wasn't enough, the defense tries to discredit the testimony of a mentally traumatized brother that actually witnessed the actions of this pervert. Ah, but that's the purpose of an over-paid lawyer - "I'm guilty but get me off the hook however you can". Meantime some real weirdoes keep hang'n with Mickey - but maybe not for long. I've heard Mickey has some money problems. Poor Mickey.


    nonpcpundit said...

    problem is, the damn judge backed down and let him off the hook.

    Anonymous said...

    I just know if he is convicted his lawyers will use the race card.

    : JustaDog said...

    That might be a mistake. It might infer that blacks are more tolerant of pedophiles than white people - and I don't believe that.