Friday, March 11, 2005


    Def: A changeable or inconstant person. This describes Hillary Clinton to a tee. When she decided she wanted to become a Senator she simply picked a state - New York - then changed into a New York resident. It didn't matter that she really wasn't - just that her legal residence was changed to New York. Add in some mingling with real New Yorkers and Presto Chango - Hillary of New York. Only her superficial changed, not her core. She is and always will be that radical socialist, extreme left-wing bitch.
    So now she's transforming once again - taking on the appearance of being concerned for the good people in this country. Isolating herself from the likes of Kennedy and Kerry, changing the type of person she wants people to see - hoping they will forget her past. She is crafty and deceitful and very able to cover-up her trail of scum. Will she be ready by 2008? She thinks she will be. But she will have a force that even she can't put out of existence - BLOGGERS!
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    Saije said...

    Hillary will not be president, I hope. But she is extremely shrewd and calculating and she's trying to set herself up to get it. But I think she may end up peaking too early, the elections are 3 years away and there's too much buzz about her too soon. There are plenty of other Democrats who are going to want this too.

    Jay said...

    What is it about women that scares you so much?

    : JustaDog said...

    I'm sure it's the identity of the woman, not women in general. We don't stereotype around here!

    nonpcpundit said...

    Judging by the look of wild ecstacy on the face of the cow, it appears artificial insemination is taking place. Where is Howard Dean's other arm, by the way?