Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    Your Right to Eat Two!

    Burger King now offers the Enormous Omelet Sandwich for breakfast to their starving customers. Consisting of a Specialty bun, cheese slices (2 - American), omelet egg (2), bacon strips (3) and sausage patty (2 halves) each one weighs 267 grams (0.5887 pounds) and provides the following yummy nutritional value:
    Yes, that's right - 415 mg of cholesterol. But that shouldn't bother you too much because you've seen those cholesterol reducing drugs on TV and you can just demand some of those from your doctor. You feel healthy so all those nasty side-effects are for someone that's not as healthy as you - your liver is in great working order. It's your right, but not your responsibility.
    How about 1,860 mg of sodium? Hey, don't worry about that. Your blood pressure is probably a bit too low so you need a little boost. If salt is good for the fish it must be good for you. That's the way to reason it out! Go for it! It's your right, but not your responsibility.
    And don't give future health issues another thought. Even if you don't have insurance the taxpayer will subsidize the healthcare you might need - one way or another. Besides, it's your right to put down your throat whatever you want. Heck - you have your Tums and you have a coupon, why not drop two of those babies! If worse comes to worse you can just hire Johnny Cochran to pursade any jury that it was all Burger Kings fault. Oops - poor Johnny died. Not to worry, lots more in the shark pool. It's your right, but not your responsibility.


    Gullyborg said...

    A normal adult male with an average level of physical activity should consume about 2,500 calories each day.

    If you eat three square meals and don't snack, that's 833 calories per meal.

    One of these babies is only 730 calories--so you can drink a glass of orange juice, milk, or coffee (with cream and sugar) along with it and still be on par for the day.

    And if your lunch is on the lighter side, maybe a salad with a light vinegrette dressing and some fresh fruit with a glass of water, then you can go overboard at dinner and still maintain body weight.

    Assuming your lunch is like the above, and your dinner includes some fresh vegetables (maybe a glass of red wine or a dark beer, but that's another story), then you are also getting a lot of good nutrition.

    So... what's the problem, exactly?

    : JustaDog said...

    Like many people that are not aware of proper nutrition you only look at "calories" without concern about where those calories come from. Are they nutritional calories or are they calories from FAT?

    If you eat three square meals - what in your mind is a "square meal"?

    light vinegrette dressing - why care about "light" when eating one of these you get 420 calories just from FAT? Hardly a concern for "light". And tell me, do you think it matters what kind of FAT you eat?

    Hey - I'm not trying to argue you shouldn't eat it - if you want eat a couple, or even eat three a day. It's your right!

    kara said...

    Many of us have been brainwashed by our parents to believe that eggs and cheese are actually good for us.
    Takes years to erase this kind of programming...

    planetmoron said...

    Such passion over a... sandwich! Is it particularly healthy? It depends on a whole host of factors not the least of which is which nutritionist you last talked to.

    Food isn't "good" or "bad" or "evil." It's just food. Eating three of these a day for several weeks is probably not a good idea but neither is eating three tofu burgers.

    Moderation in everything. Including moderation.

    : JustaDog said...

    Perhaps if more people were passionate about what they and their children ate then obesity would not be on the rise in this country as it is.

    "WASHINGTON, March 30 (Reuters) - Child obesity has more than tripled in three decades and the increased health risk associated with being fat has wiped out progress in other areas, according to a report issued on Wednesday."

    Adults are also getting fatter and fatter. Personally, it helps me because I'm in the healthcare industry and we need a constant supply of customers, LOL.

    But I would challenge your statements:

    1 - like nutrition is NOT a factor in food being healthy or not. Please, give your scientific facts!

    2 - Food isn't "good" or "bad" or "evil." - Again, please provide the readers with a link to your scientific facts!

    To compare eating tofu burgers to the same number of these sandwitches and saying the tofu selection is not a good idea just shows you really don't know any facts, so why am I even wasting my time responding to this?

    Unless you can show me the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the AMA (American Medical Association) and the AHA (American Heart Association) agree with your views then I'm sorry, but you speak in a vacuum.

    Now go enjoy one or two of these sandwitches. Maybe bring your own lard to coat the inside of the bun. It's just food!

    geeekgirl said...

    It is comforting to know that the idiots will deselect themselves.

    Go on America, Enjoy the sandwhich and your guns. The earth is over populated anyway.

    Pundit said...

    Rural and pastoral people in Africa, the middle east, Greece, Italy, Central Asia, and even the Alueutian Islands have been eating solid diets of meat, blubber, fat, goat milk, and a wide variety of cheeses for thousands of years because they live in areas where vegan diets, watercress, Evian water and Holiday health spas have never existed or cannot be grown. They live into their 90s and hundreds and continue to live active lives and reproduce when health-conscious Americans are getting parkinsons disease, altzheimers, etc. in their thirties and forties. And many of these ancients continue to smoke pipes and cigarettes. There must be some other issue at work here. What these ancient peoples are doing makes American junk food look like GNC.

    Pundit said...

    Rural and pastoral peoples in Asia, Central Asia, the middle east, greece, turkey, Italy, and the aleutian islands have been eating meat, fat, blubber, goat milk and cheese for thousands of years. They continue to smoke pipes, cigars and cigaretters into their 90s and 100s. They continue to work, play, ride horses, compete in competitive events, and reproduce among themselves well into ages when westerners have resigned to watching tv. Meanwhile, Americans are getting cancer, parkinsons disease altzhiemers, and others in their 30s and 40s. What the pastoral peoples are doing makes American junk food look like a GNC bonus pak. Surely there must be some other issue at work here.

    : JustaDog said...

    Well my guess would be those rural and pastoral peoples in Asia, Central Asia, the middle east, greece, turkey, Italy, and the aleutian islands probably don't pig-out with a follow-up of sitting on their couch watching endless hours of TV, probably don't spend much time on the computer, probably don't have many video games to keep them from doing much physical activities.

    We've all heard of these long-lived people, yet I've come to the conclusion that they are not the norm. Those countries have high death rates from health-related causes as well. I'm sure with a little digging unique people can be found in this country as well - that have smoked all their life and ate lard donuts every morning - but do you really think that's a health statement to start up (or continue) smoking and eating lard?

    Again, that challenge is to find a reputable, scientific-based agency that will confirm there is no health risk to food items such as mentioned in this post. Like I mentioned in a previous comment, I really don't care what people eat - as long as I don't have to pay for their nutritional ignorance in the form of higher taxes or higher insurance costs.

    geeekgirl said...

    Those rural and pastoral peoples in Asia, Central Asia, the middle east, greece, turkey, Italy, and the aleutian islands don't eat as much processed and simulated food as Americans do either. I have a hard time shopping at chain grocery stores anymore because it seems like endless isles of doritos, pepsi, hamburger helper and everything American. It is sick.

    And I doubt they treat their animals like this:

    Pundit said...

    All this talk has made me hungry. I think I'll have a CArl's Jr. Double Cheese Western Bacon Burger with extra sauce, a double order of fries and a chocolate milkshake.