Thursday, March 31, 2005

    The New Wave of Hope

    The costs to honest law-abiding citizens as well as the security threat of illegal aliens has reached such epidemic proportions that a surge of support to combat this threat is growing. Forces are grouping on this defensive representative of both Democrat as well as Republican parties. The economic impact of these illegal leaches upon our society is far worse than the impact of 9/11. They suck our resources from jail cells to class room seats. They plunder this country without giving anything back except increased debt.
    Don't believe the farce that they do jobs that Americans would not want. There is no farmer that would loose any crop if illegal aliens were removed from this country. The policies of this country allow companies to employ illegal aliens - low wage workers that are subsidized by the American people - and that must stop. Before moving to Eugene, Oregon I stayed at hotels in this area. All of the housekeepers were white. I say that not to sound discriminating, but to make the statement that people legally in this country will work jobs that some have tried to get us to believe can't be done without illegals. That's BS.
    Some signs of hope:
    • RICHMOND, March 29 -- Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) signed a measure Tuesday that tightens laws prohibiting illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits, including Medicaid and public assistance.
    • Los Angeles, March 31, 2005 -- After two decades of a strict firewall between Los Angeles police and federal immigration authorities, the LAPD is writing new guidelines for officers on how to interpret rules for treating illegal immigrants.
    • RALEIGH March 31, 2005 -- An immigration bust at RDU Airport is fueling one lawmaker's fight to protect North Carolina tax payers from illegal immigrants. …illegal immigrants are benefiting from public assistance programs like welfare and Medicaid. "We don't want people breaking the law and putting the burden on the law-abiding citizens of this state."
    • Morrisville, NC, March 31, 2005 -- Passengers Cheer When Illegal Immigrants Are Taken Off Plane At RDU. An air marshal who was on the flight overheard some people talking about being smuggled into the US.
    A national drive, Hold Their Feet to the Fire, will take place in Washington, DC April 23-28. I think there will be more cheering as we push this wave of sucking scum back to where they came from. Those polititians that support retaking American back will get elected. Those that oppose the law abiding legal citizens will be removed.


    Pundit said...

    Citizen militias in Texas and Arizona indicating they are going to get involved in their own border patrolling is exactly what the second amendment and the militias mentioned there are all about. When the government fails to do what the people send them to Washington to do, the people have the right to redress those wrongs. That's why the Constitution starts out with the words "WE THE PEOPLE" and not "THIS THE GOVERNMENT OVER THE PEOPLE." That's why every state in the union has laws allowing "citizen's arrest." Jefferson wrote that the people reserved to themselves the right of revolution. This does not mean that we can revolt whenever we get pissed off over something. It means that the people reserve to themselves the right to redress wrongs committed when the government ceases to effect the will of the people---in this case border control, law enforcement, national sovereignty, and protection from foreign invasion regardless of source or method. Critics say the "militia" is the national guard, but that is not true. As early as the constitutional debates the ability of the common citizen to arm against intrusion was the core of meaning of the second amendment. Whether these militias are armed or not is not the issue. The mere threat of this action has already caused the Federal government to add 500 agents to border patrol in those areas. That, my friends, is what the bill of rights is all about. We are living in exciting times. We may get to see founding principles put into action yet.

    Gindy said...

    "The economic impact of these illegal leaches upon our society is far worse than the impact of 9/11."

    It is becoming unbearable.