Thursday, May 26, 2005


    The ACLU has been at it again - doing whatever it can to destroy the image of the USA in the eyes of the world - using "testimony" from prisoners. Hmmm - so if I go to a maximum security prison in the USA I should expect to hear no complaints, no lies, prisoners telling me everything is wonderful. Absurd.
    Under the Freedom Of Information Act the ACLU obtained and released interviews the FBI performed with the happy detainees Guantanamo Bay prison camp. What the ACLU drooled at was some of these happy prisoners complained of "desecration of the Quran as early as 2002". The ACLU know how people can get tweeked about religion - they've been doing this to Catholics and Protestants for many years. Now, on the flip side, they come to the aid of Islamic terrorists suspects. The fact that it might embarrass a Christian country is like a bonus to the ACLU - whether the allegations are true or not. Note the third from the last sentence in the news article link: "Another prisoner admitted that he made a false claim of Quran desecration that caused an uproar in July 2002, seven months after the prison camp was opened."
    These barbarians are not dumb, and know the words to say and the organizations, like the ACLU, that will be willing to pick up on their words in order to stir up problems. The dumb ones are those that believe all of this propaganda.
    But worry not for I received an email from California Democrat Barbara Boxer: (last part)

    To aid in the effort to provide better treatment to more victims of torture, I have co-sponsored the Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act of 2005, which would authorize funding for both foreign and domestic centers for victims of torture.

    By passing this legislation, we can address the ever-increasing number of victims of torture around the world with an effective, proactive plan. This assistance can provide a better, brighter future to those who have been victims of the terrible tragedy of torture."

    Some Democrates plan to make the appearance of "Bush-sanctioned" torture (a word greatly abused) so real that they will see to it the American people pay (give free money to) anyone that claims they were tortured - truth irrelevant. Remember, any person that makes a claim they had their Koran even touched by a non-believer can claim they were tortured.

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