Friday, May 27, 2005

    Peace Be With You

    The WSJ had an article two days ago titled Getting Into Day Care Is Becoming Harder For Today's Dogs. (I can't link to this article because it is subscription-based. If you really want a copy I can email it to you). The article details how a couple of different dog day care centers are getting more particular about who they take in. First, a day care for dogs is different that a kennel. A kennel usually has the dog in isolation (except for some exercise time usually at additional charge) while the day care will have dogs that socialize together, roaming freely, playing and having probably a better time than if they were with the owners alone.
    Many of these day care centers are requiring new applicants to fill out forms that are sometimes seven pages long. They are requiring letters of recommendation from a veterinarian, trainer, and/or other reputable source. There is the personal interview as well - sometimes lasting all day - to actually monitor how the potential new resident will interact with the current residence. They don't discriminate based on size or color or breed, although some breeds by nature require additional scrutiny.
    I found it fascinating - that humans have advanced to the level to provide this screening, yet the same screening does not apply to humans (showing no advancement in sociological concepts). What if the human race had the same constraints that these dog day care centers had? What if the human race did not allow violent types (pedophiles, rapists, murderers, terrorists, etc.) - and just removed them from the list of acceptable types. Acceptable types could be of any race, religion (as long as it did not promote violence), sex, etc. - in other words, only good people stay. Global peace is possible - after the scum has been removed.
    I'm sure there will be those that will liken this to Hitler or some nonsense as this, but before you do I'd suggest you read the history books about Hitler. It can be a peaceful world - but not as long as evil remains among us. This evil will just not disappear, so in the mean time there will be wars to clean out the scum.


    Pundit said...

    I don't liken this to Hitler. I liken it to nonsense. As much as I treasure my pets, and even though I spoil them like children and drive my wife nuts, I stop at the nonsense of animal psychologists, animal psychics, and animal day care centers. These things are just money-making scams that a geared toward catering to the emotions of animal lovers more than anything else. My cat is my buddy, but when I leave town for any length of time, a vet is good enough. I know the people there and know how they treat animals (also having worked as a vet assistant in an animal hospital several years ago when I first started college) and I just can't buy into some things. Even I know that at some point, an animal is still an animal and there has to be a line drawn at how far people go with the costs and expenses associated with keeping them.

    : JustaDog said...

    Yeah, a bit of vanity for pets, but the thought behind the post was how people can screen out the undesirables when it comes to animals yet have a problem doing the same for undesirable humans. Could be all be living in a better world if the scum as not allowed among us (and I don't mean their in prisons either)?

    Pundit said...

    Screening to get rid of people is the root of fascism. It only leaves people who want to get rid of other people any way they can. It has been tried repeatedly, and never works.

    : JustaDog said...

    It has been tried repeatedly, and never works - can you give me an example of where pedophiles, rapists, murderers, terrorists, etc. have attempted to be purged from a country but failed?

    Some countries do have extremely strict penalties (often death) and that does seem to work. You call that fascism?

    Pundit said...

    enforcement of the law is not fascism. It is simply proper law enforcement. The essence of a democratic system is innocent until proven guilty, then swift and sure punishment to the offenders. Pre-screening in the hopes of eliminating future problems before they occur on the basis of assumption or some "scientific evidence" puts the cart before the horse and eliminates the foundation of democracy. The problem is letting criminals go after they have been confirmed guilty of violent or criminal behavior--such as the 18 year old that is now in custody for armed robbery after a judge turned him loose when he was 12 and killed somebody. Things like that are not screening issues--it is the result of liberal infection of law enforcement at the level of the judiciary.

    : JustaDog said...

    Well swift and sure punishment our system does not have. Pre-screening as far at this post was concerned was that of individuals that already had convicted of violent crimes - not that might yet haven't.

    I think the point I was trying to sneak up on was the concept of having those conviced of the death penalty be put to death (novel huh). I'd also expand the death penalty to other violent crimes as well.

    In our flawed system we often turn justice into some kind of game. For example, Brian Nichols - the one that shot all those people (4) in an Atlanta courthouse where he was appearing on charges of rape - is treated as a "suspect", he is just accused. In our sad system, although there were plenty of witnesses and well documented, we pretend he just ate a hamburger and was arrested because he was black. DUH. Our justice system is in serious need of repair. I'd have no problem, after being caught, of him appearing right then and there before a judge and convicted to death. Nope - we play games, and he will probably get out early and kill again.

    Pundit said...

    The Nichols issue came up recently where discussion have taken place as to whether or not judges should be armed. The opponents to that issue think arming the judges would increase the danger in the courtroom, and think it would be better left to the bailiffs. Now, how stupid does that sound? Nichols was in charge of bailiffs who let him commit murder and then get out of the jail. I agree that we live in a wacko society. I'm just not certain that there is an effective way to prescreen people. What we can do is confine or eliminate the dangerous. We run the chance, in a free society that some evildoer will "get one" at our expense. The problem is the soft treatment later. If they got what they deserve the first time around, there would probably be decreasing numbers of those trying to "get one" at our expense.

    The Rambling Taoist said...

    What if the human race had the same constraints that these dog day care centers had?

    You are confusing two issues. The dog day care center is NOT stating that certain dogs shall not exist, ONLY that they can't be housed at their facility (probably due to liability issues).

    You, on the other hand, are suggesting that certain categories of people should not (or not be allowed to?) exist. There is a chasm of difference here.