Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Another Union Success Story

    Well, maybe not. United Airline - you know the airlines with the Fly the friendly skies slogan. Well United has been operating under bankruptcy protection for awhile, thanks to the extorting unions they have had to deal with. You see, unions in the airline business extort the corporation basically telling them give us what we demand or we and our fellow union gangsters will strike and drive your business into the ground.
    Well, the unions have succeeded in doing just that. Excessive labor costs have made United uncompetitive - same old union story. Now, in an attempt to just survive, the airline has asked and received permission from the court to liquidate its four employee pension plans. I bet the union bosses kept telling the employees how it was protecting their interests, ha ha. Obviously the employees are very upset - so what's the union solution? THREATEN TO STRIKE! Have any of these people ever taken even one business class? So the company is barely hanging on and the union wants to strike. If you are a United employee the first thing I'd do right now is vote the union OUT. Get rid of the institution that put you into this situation in the first place.
    Those in a union are under a false concept that the union will protect their interests. The union has such nice slogans and gatherings to make it appear "we are all one brotherhood". Well keep reading about United Airlines - it is the same old story, hardly the first time this has happened, and as long as there are unions it won't be the last.
    I would be careful about booking a flight with United - the unions have threatened random strikes to disrupt services. United Workers - WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?


    Anonymous said...


    My idiot brother, who I no longer consider a member of my family for a nummber of reasons, is a United pilot and has been a major player in their union.

    I told him so long ago.


    Pundit said...

    I'm glad you postede this. IN the recent past I have entered comments on this post and my own in the debate over whether social security was socialist or not. I still contend that the program we have, for all its faults, is not and is simply another program ruined by bureaucrats. However, this issue is what socialism is really about. Only in reverse. This company is going to willingly surrender personal assets of employees to the government, who will take it, squander it, and these people will never see what they acquired. This, in effect, is government theft of private property because it is done without the consent and against the will of the people who actually hold the accounts. Years ago I almost joined a survival movement. For a long time now, certain elements have been warning against what this country is turning into. Maybe people will start getting the picture. We have a big problem developing and it is showing up boom-boom-boom, across the board in several seemingly unrelated areas.

    Anonymous said...

    The real issue here is how easy it is for United to waive the magic wand of bankruptcy and make pensions--a debt they owe employees under contract, no different from a Visa buy-now-pay-later bill--disappear. But now, rather than let the employees lose their pensions, the gummint jumps in and promises to take over. Does the gummint jump in and take over when debtors can't pay creditors? No, the creditors just lose. So what happens? This encourages companies who loan money to press companies who borrow money to leverage against pension funds, knowing that Uncle Sam will protect them when the borrower goes tits up.

    Pundit said...

    This sets on ugly precedent for every large company that wants an easy out. Gives the unions something to sqawk about as well. This was a very bad idea.

    Tomslick said...

    Pundit -
    The precedent has already been set. I think is was LTV steel that set it. The steel worker retirees got screwed of their pensions and health care. Other large steel Corps were licking their chops awaiting the courts decision. It has only begun. This may possibly be the death blow to unions as we know them.

    Pundit said...

    There seems to be a myth going around these days that the stockmarket crash of 1929 that plunged us into depression could not happen again. Controls and protections are in place to supposedly prevent that from happening. However, if enough mega-corporations do this, enough people loose their pensions, it could start a pattern that dramatically affects the economy regardless of what the stock market does. I don't trust the economic "experts" on FOX NEWS or CNN that still hold that everything will work itself out. At some point, things can turn south to the degree that the economy can't recover. WE may not see a repeat of 1929 because of the social programs put in place, but we could see our economy altered to a very uncomfortable degree. Somebody has to do something for the people losing their pensions. Those numbers could run into the multiple millions.

    Jeff said...

    Great now that we have the pension issue out of the way, time to go for Social Security. After that Medicare, and the dreaded Unemployment systems. Then we can get all those sick, elderly, and poor on the street like they should be.

    P.S. If you dont get the joke, you will probably be on the street with em all.

    : JustaDog said...

    Jeff, the post concerned what happens when the union promises blissful eternity vs. the reality of their worth (worthless). The items in your list are all taxpayer funded programs and really don't have much to do with unions.

    If you don't get the joke, - I don't find this a joking matter Jeff, sorry.